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Major Issues Lecture Series

Major Issues Lecture Series

For more than 35 years, the Major Issues Lecture Series has played an important role in the Ashland community—being the most publicly recognized and widely attended program sponsored by the Ashbrook Center. Beyond its value to the general public, the Lecture Series serves as an important educational tool for the undergraduate students in the Ashbrook Scholar Program and for high school students throughout Ohio.

The program begins at noon with lunch which is typically followed by a 30-minute presentation from our speaker and 15 minutes of Q&A. Following the luncheon, the speaker meets with the Ashbrook Scholars in the Ashbrook Center for an informal and off-the-record conversation.

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Past Speakers

Jack Miller

A Businessman Looks at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
October 17, 2006

Ralph Regula

What We Do Today is Our Vision for Tomorrow: America’s Challenge in the New World
September 11, 2006

G. William Benz

The Art and Science of Decision-Making: The Essence of Leadership
April 19, 2006

Lamar Alexander

Keeping the Teaching of American History in its Rightful Place in Our Schools
March 23, 2006

Alan K. Simpson

Politics as a Contact Sport
February 15, 2006

Bob Taft

Ohio Means Business: Flourishing in a Flat World
November 22, 2005

Steven Hayward

Greatness: Reagan, Churchill, and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders
November 10, 2005

Michael Ramirez

Journalism, Citizen Politics in a New World Order
October 12, 2005

Peter Schramm , Adam Carrington , Adam Kresge

Interning for Bush-Cheney ’04
March 30, 2005

Bill Sammon

Misunderestimated: The Historic Presidency of George W. Bush
February 14, 2005

Bill Harris

The State of the State’s Economy
January 24, 2005

Peter Kirsanow

Racial Rebellion: The End of the Victim/Grievance Movement
November 18, 2004

Ramesh Ponnuru

The Stakes in the Election
October 20, 2004

Robert Alt

Democracy in Iraq: A First Hand Account of Regime Change
September 8, 2004

Bruce Cole

Restoring America’s Memory
March 17, 2004

Carnes Lord

American Leadership and Statecraft in the 21st Century
February 17, 2004

Michael G. Oxley

America on the Rebound: The Resilience of the U.S. Economy
January 27, 2004

Edwin Meese

Homeland Security and Civil Liberties
November 6, 2003

George Voinovich

Federal Work Force Reform: Improving the Delivery of Government Services to Citizens and Taxpayers
October 13, 2003

J. Kenneth Blackwell

Religious Liberty: The Most Precious of our Liberties
September 10, 2003
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