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Major Issues Lecture Series

Major Issues Lecture Series

For more than 35 years, the Major Issues Lecture Series has played an important role in the Ashland community—being the most publicly recognized and widely attended program sponsored by the Ashbrook Center. Beyond its value to the general public, the Lecture Series serves as an important educational tool for the undergraduate students in the Ashbrook Scholar Program and for high school students throughout Ohio.

The program begins at noon with lunch which is typically followed by a 30-minute presentation from our speaker and 15 minutes of Q&A. Following the luncheon, the speaker meets with the Ashbrook Scholars in the Ashbrook Center for an informal and off-the-record conversation.

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Past Speakers

James Leach

Civility in a Fractured Society
February 22, 2010

Mary Taylor

Ohio by the Numbers, Ohio by the Heart
January 26, 2010

John Kasich

A New Way, A New Day.
November 16, 2009

Tim Timken

Private Enterprise: A Cornerstone of American Democracy
October 16, 2009

Sally Pipes

The Top Myths of American Health Care
September 24, 2009

Peter W. Schramm

Abraham Lincoln at 200: American, In Words and Deeds
February 12, 2009

Rob Portman

Reflections on the 2008 Presidential Campaign
January 13, 2009

Wayne LaPierre

The Second Amendment Rights Are Everybody’s Rights
November 17, 2008

The No Left Turns Bloggers

Election 2008
October 23, 2008

Evelyn Stratton

What is a Missionary Kid Like Me Doing in a Job Like This?
September 22, 2008

Amity Shlaes

How 1936 Gave Us 2008
April 28, 2008

Allan Greenberg

Architecture and Democracy
March 18, 2008

Tim Goeglein

A Perspective from the White House
February 5, 2008

Helen Krieble

How Many Bureaucrats Does It Take to Control the Border?
November 27, 2007

Jay Nordlinger

This President and the Next
October 26, 2007

Jim Jordan

Washington Update
September 24, 2007

Kathleen Parker

Media Elites v. Ordinary Americans
April 13, 2007

Josiah Bunting

The Politics of Military Strategy:
World War II

March 28, 2007

Jack Hafer

Using Films to Change the World
February 27, 2007

David Brennan

A 21st Century Education from the Perspective of an Entrepreneur
December 8, 2006
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