Rich Lowry

Where and when

The Thomas A. Van Meter Scholarship Fund Luncheon has been a regular and well-known event in Columbus, Ohio since its beginning in 1993, following the former Ohio Assemblyman’s untimely death. State officials, lobbyists, businessmen, and community members attend this event each year to commemorate Tom Van Meter and show their support for scholarships and internships for Ashbrook Scholars.

Tom Van Meter was a principled legislator and an astute political strategist. An important part of the legacy of Tom Van Meter is the young people he brought into the political process. Many individuals credit Mr. Van Meter with engaging them to learn about the political process and to get involved. Our Ashbrook Scholar Internship Program seeks to do the same with our students.

Each year the Van Meter Fund provides the necessary financial support for several students to work as interns in public and private sector offices. These internships give students valuable experience and possibilities for future opportunities. Your support of the 12th Annual Thomas A. Van Meter Scholarship Fund Luncheon will directly help an Ashbrook Scholar to have an exceptional internship experience.