John Fund

Where and when

John Fund is a member of the Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal, where he previously served as deputy features editor. He is also an on-line columnist for MSNBC’s Internet news service and a regular on-air contributor to the Fox News Channel and CNBC.

John Fund

His work has appeared in such magazines as Esquire, Reader’s Digest, Reason, New Republic, and National Review. He has written extensively on Congressional reform, Constitutional issues and the influence of money in politics.

He has won numerous journalistic awards, and has spoken frequently before such groups as the National Association of Attorneys General, the Institute of Politics at Harvard University, the Cato Institute, the Federalist Society and The National Civic League.

Fund has been called “the Tom Paine of the modern Congressional reform movement” by Roll Call newspaper and is the co-author of Cleaning House: America’s Campaign for Term Limits.

Before entering journalism, Fund was a staffer in the California state legislature and a political consultant for ballot initiatives in California.