Tony Snow

Where and when

Tony Snow is a nationally syndicated columnist for the Detroit News and Counterpoint Columnist for USA Today, and his editorials appear in various mediums around the world. He works as a commentator on National Public Radio and as a permanent guest-host for Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. He recently replaced Bill Bennett as political analyst on Good Morning America, and is also a regular contributor to such television shows as The McLaughlin Group, the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour, Good Morning America, Face the Nation, and Crossfire.

Snow’s political commentary began after he was appointed as Deputy Assistant to the President for Communications and Media Affairs and Director of Speechwriting for the Bush Administration.

His career in journalism dates back to 1979 when he was hired as an editorial writer for the Greensboro, North Carolina, Record. He has taught school in Kenya and Cincinnati and has worked as an advocate for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled in North Carolina.

He received a degree in philosophy at Davidson College in 1977. His journalistic experience has won recognition from such organizations as the Virginia Press Association, the Detroit Press Club, the Society of Professional Journalists and the American Society of Newspaper Editors.