Bill Zeliff

Where and when

U.S. Representative Bill Zeliff, who represents the First District of New Hampshire, is ranked as the number one hawk in the House of Representatives by the National Taxpayers Union for his record in sponsoring legislation that would cut the deficit. Also, he stands alone as the only New England House delegation member to be named a “Taxpayer’s Friend” by the NTU in the group’s annual rankings.

Congressman Zeliff is the driving force behind the “A to Z Spending Cut Plan,” for which he is currently working to force the legislation to a vote on the House floor. The recipient of the 1994 Grace Caucus Award for his outstanding record in slashing government waste, he has also been a leader in the areas of Superfund and health care reform.

He serves on the House Government Operations Committee, the Small Business Committee and the Public Works and Transportation Committee.

Before joining the ranks of small businessmen as the owner of the Christmas Farm Inn and Yesterday’s Restaurant in Jackson, N.H., Congressman Zeliff worked for 17 years with the DuPont Corp. in Delaware. He and his wife of 36 years, Sydna, are the parents of three sons: James, a veterinarian; Michael, a U.S. Marine; and Will, a U.S. Army veteran who operates the family businesses.