Joseph Sobran

Where and when

Joseph Sobran, a member of the editorial staff of The National Review since 1972, is a syndicated columnist on politics and culture. Also, for many years, he was a regular commentator on CBS Radio’s Spectrum.

He has been an ardent lover of Shakespeare since his high school days, and his original ambition was to be a Shakespeare scholar, but, after doing graduate work in English literature, he met William F. Buckley Jr. and began a career in journalism. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University.

In recent years, he resumed his Shakespearean studies and wrote a book on the Shakespeare authorship question titled Outing Shakespeare. His next book, which is tentatively titled Civics for Suckers, will be about the decline of constitutional government.

A native of Ypsilanti, Michigan, he currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.