Lyn Nofziger

Where and when

Franklin (Lyn) Nofziger, who heads Nofziger Communications, a consulting and government relations firm, is best known for his work with Ronald Reagan, from the former President’s days as Governor of California to his presidential campaigns and the Reagan White House.

After serving in the U.S. Army and earning his bachelor of arts degree in journalism from San Jose State College, Mr. Nofziger spent 16 years as a reporter, editor and Washington correspondent for Copley Newspapers and Copley News Service.

In 1966, he was named press secretary for Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial campaign, followed by two years as Governor Reagan’s director of communications. Mr. Nofziger then served the Nixon White House as deputy assistant to the president for congressional relations and the Republican National Committee as its deputy chairman for communications.

In 1972, he worked for Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign as executive director of the California Committee to Re-Elect the President, followed by three years as a political consultant. With Ronald Reagan back in the political eye as a presidential candidate in 1976, Mr. Nofziger served, at various times, as his press secretary, convention director and director of the California campaign. When Governor Reagan lost the nomination to Gerald Ford, Mr. Nofziger assisted with the Ford-Dole campaign.

As Governor Reagan began laying the groundwork for the 1980 campaign, he named Mr. Nofziger as executive vice-chairman of Citizens for the Republic, a political action committee founded by Mr. Reagan. With the run at the White House in full gear in 1979, Mr. Nofziger served as deputy chairman for finance for the Reagan for President organization.

The long-time Reagan insider accepted the position of the president’s press secretary and later assistant to the president for political affairs in the White House. In 1984, Mr. Nofziger was a senior consultant for the Reagan-Bush Re-Election Campaign and a member of the inaugural committee.

Mr. Nofziger’s book, titled Nofziger, was published in October of 1992 by Regnery Gateway.