F. Clifton White

Where and when

F. Clifton White, an international public affairs and political consultant, began as director of the Ashbrook Center in April 1983. In this position, he develops the Center’s programs and is in charge of all Center activities.

A friend and associate of John M. Ashbrook for 30 years, White currently serves as senior adviser to the chairman of the Republican Party.

White has been active in Republican Party politics for more than three decades and has been known to the press as a national politician since 1964, when he was credited with securing the Republican nomination for Barry Goldwater.

A political strategist and consultant in public affairs and government relations, he has been an adviser and planner for candidates running for the presidency, the Senate, the House of Representatives and governorship.

In 1980, White was named senior adviser to the Republican Presidential Campaign, and in 1981 was named by President Ronald Reagan as a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism. The following year, Reagan appointed him chairman of the president’s Commission on Radio Broadcasting to Cuba.

White was an adviser to the ABC and CBS networks for election coverage and has made numerous appearances on television and radio.