Wolfgang Bergsdorf

Where and when

Wolfgang Bergsdorf was born in Cologne in 1941. In 1987, he became Professor at the University of Bonn, teaching Mass Media, Politics of Culture, and Language. In his main job he worked as a journalist and as a political administrator. Between 1982 and 1998 he was General Manager of several departments in the Federal Government.
Wolfgang Bergsdorf

Since 2000 he has been President of the refounded University of Erfurt. Since 1993 he is co-editor of the weekly Rheinischer Merkur and since 1998, editor of the monthly Die Politische Meinung. In 2002, he was made a member of the Board of “DeutschlandRadio.”

He is a member of the Legion d’Honneur and received the Bundesverdienstkreuz.
He has written some twenty books and over a hundred essays. These include “Herrschaft und Sprache”—Studie zur politischen Terminologie in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Neske-Verlag, Pfullingen 1982), which received an award (Theodor-Eschenburg-Preis 1984).