Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


John A. and Barbara B. Walter

After John Walter attended evening classes at Ashland University, he knew he had stumbled onto something unique. John and his wife Barbara strongly believe in the founding documents of our country and the education and preparation of young people to live in a constitutional republic under the rule of law. They understand that the best way to create a generation of informed Americans is by educating secondary school teachers to strengthen their knowledge of the principles of freedom and constitutional government. Through a generation of better-equipped teachers, America will see a more proactive and enlightened group of young adults. The Walters recognize the Ashbrook Center as a valuable method of reaching the teachers of our students and influencing their teaching philosophy. To achieve this goal, the two created the John A. and Barbara B. Walter Endowed Fellowship Fund. This fund encourages teachers to come to Ashland University to receive a higher quality of instruction and course work.