Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Louaine S. Taylor

Excellence defines Ed Taylor, and he stresses excellence in others.  But his desire to achieve excellence is strengthened in his desire to see others excel—evidenced by his funding of the Taylor Excellence in Writing Award for Ashbrook Scholars.  Through his generosity, the Ashbrook Scholars become better writers, better thinkers, better students and thus better citizens.  Indicative of Ed’s insight, he identified one of the key aspects of scholarship, the ability to write, and provided incentives for Ashbrook Scholars to write, and to write well.

In his dedication to quality, Ed has further identified a focal point for American Excellence: The true understanding of America.  To best teach this to the next generation, those who teach must understand the meaning and significance of America.  So, in loving memory of his late wife Louaine, Mr. Taylor will endow the Louaine Taylor Chair for the new Master of Arts in American History and Government graduate program, designed specifically for teachers.  His munificence will ensure that teachers participating in this unique program will learn from the finest scholars in the nation, so they in turn will enliven the drama that is American history for their students.  We owe a debt of gratitude for Ed’s foresight and generosity.