Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Bradford and Christine Mishler

Bradford and Christine (Miller) Mishler, of Bradbury, California earmarked a significant portion of their estate for the Ashbrook Center in the estate plans. Christine, a former student and art teacher at Ashland University and Brad, whose two great grandfathers were founding trustees of the University, announced this commitment to the late director, Charles Parton. It is their belief that significance in one’s life can be obtained through a special creativity. “One of the most important forms of creating is that of developing ideas in young minds. In this intangible area there is a quality of permanence, which even a work of art cannot equal and our legacy must be a part of this effort. We feel the Ashbrook Center is deserving of our support because through the Center, young people of strong moral fiber and inquiring intellect are being introduced to concepts, values and principles so much needed in developing ideas in the world of public affairs and politics.”