Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


James Harold and Mabel Read

Duane Read, through a gift from his estate, established the James Harold and Mabel Read Endowed Scholarship Award for Ashbrook Scholars. This scholarship also serves as an expression of Mr. Read’s commitment for local and Ohio area students to be able to pursue sound educational training within the framework of conservative principles.

Of proud Dutch-German ancestry, born in difficult times in early America, the Reads lived the American dream. This family, whose parents’ tender mercy is fondly recalled by their three children, was founded on a sense of integrity, honesty, hard work, love of family, high moral standards – all these and many more sacred values. These humble, yet mighty people gave a lifetime of personal sacrifice to provide for their family, their community, and their country to help insure a way of life as we now know it.

James Harold and Mabel Read throughout their lifetime exhibited a commitment to free enterprise, personal responsibility, love of their fellow man, a frugal lifestyle, and conservative values.

Available income from the James Harold and Mabel Read Endowed Scholarship for Ashbrook Scholars is to be awarded annually to enrolled Ashland University students who have been approved to become or currently serve as Ashbrook Scholars. Preference is to be shown to those eligible students from the West Salem area. Financial need is not considered a requirement and the award may be renewed annually provided that the recipient continues to demonstrate merit, promise, good citizenship, and is a full-time undergraduate student of Ashland University.