Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Robert A. and Elizabeth B. Hoffman

The Hoffman family’s connection with Ashland University is longstanding. They are direct descendants of three men who played key roles in establishing Ashland College as members of the Board of Trustees: David Bailey, Austin Moherman, and Jacob Mishler. Following in these historic footsteps, the Hoffmans have created an endowed fellowship fund for students of the Master of American History and Government program. The endowment was created to improve the quality of history and government education for students across America. The endowment will give preference to new enrollees in the program, teachers with experience of 15 years or fewer, and teachers from urban school districts. This endowment creates aid to help strengthen the knowledge of the principles of freedom and constitutional government at Ashland and across America. The lasting legacy left by the founders of our University is strengthened through the generosity of their descendants who live on and continue to make a difference in the lives of students and in America.