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Marc K. Landy


Marc Landy

Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty

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Marc Landy is Professor of Political Science at Boston College and Academic Chair of BC’s Irish Institute and is Edward & Louise Peterson Professor of American History & Government at Ashland University. He teaches courses on American political development, the American presidency and American federalism. He co-authored the Rockefeller Institute Report, Who’s in Charge? Who Should Be? — The Role of the Federal Government in Megadisasters: Based on Lessons from Hurricane Katrina (2009). His recent articles include: “Obama and FDR,” featured in The Obama Presidency in the Constitutional Order (2011); “Terror and the Executive” (National Affairs, Spring 2010); and “The Presidency in the Eye of the Storm” (co-authored by Sidney Milkis) in The Presidency and the Political System. He and Milkis also wrote Presidential Greatness (2000) and American Government: Balancing Liberty and Democracy (2007). He is an author of the Environmental Protection Agency from Nixon to Clinton: Asking the Wrong Questions (1994). He is an editor of Creating Competitive Markets:  The Politics of Regulatory Reform (2007) as well as a regular contributor to Cognoscenti, the online opinion page of the Boston Public Radio station WBUR. His latest contribution is “The Ryan Choice: Now a Real Debate.”

Dr. Landy has a B.A. from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University. He was the recipient of the 2009 Teaching Award chosen by the student members of the Boston College Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.