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Daniel Palazzolo


Daniel Palazzolo

Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty

Daniel Palazzolo, Ph.D., is Professor of Political Science at the University of Richmond, where he teaches courses on: American government, Campaigns and Elections, Legislative Process, and Public Policy; and coordinates the Virginia General Assembly Internship. He is author of two books, including, Done Deal? The Politics of the 1997 Budget Agreement, and author or co-author of over twenty articles and book chapters.  He is also co-editor, with James W. Ceaser (University of Virginia), of Election Reform: Politics and Policy.  His current research includes a project entitled, “Virginia the Battleground,” which explores the evolution of Virginia to a battleground state in presidential politics, and a project on partisanship in Congress with Randall Strahan of Emory University.

Dr. Palazzolo occasionally provides political analysis for various local radio and television stations as well as several national news outlets, including National Public Radio, CNN, and Fox News. He has also been cited in a variety of national and local internet print news publications, including the Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Boston Globe, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Reuters News Service, and the Richmond-Times Dispatch.

Dr. Palazzolo has a BA from Trinity College, an MA from the University of Houston, and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.