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Ashbrook Scholar Program


Ashbrook Scholars in class.

Ashbrook Scholars in class.

The Ashbrook Scholar Program is a rigorous and top-rated academic program for a select group of undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Political Science or History at Ashland University. Ashbrook Scholars study with some of the finest faculty in the nation and undertake a program of courses and activities that challenge their mettle and bring out the best qualities of their character. It is a serious program for serious, public-spirited students with a passion for civic leadership.

The number of Ashbrook Scholars admitted to the program has more than doubled over the last ten years—from 50 in 2001 to more than 130 in 2010.

Contrary to the alarming statistics citing how little college students know about American history, Ashbrook Scholars not only know American history but also understand what it means to be an American and why our country merits their affection. They come to understand that their country, the United States of America, is not only the most powerful and the most prosperous country on earth, but also that it is the most free and the most just. During their four years at the Center, both in and out of the classroom, they learn why this is so.

An Ashbrook Scholar during her internship in Washington, DC.

An Ashbrook Scholar during her internship in Washington, DC.

An integral part of the education of an Ashbrook Scholar is the hands-on, real-life experience in public affairs provided through internship opportunities. Each summer, Scholars are placed in internship positions at a variety of organizations including think tanks, government offices, non-profit agencies, and businesses around the country. Scholars have interned at The White House, the Heritage Foundation, The Fund for American Studies, The Weekly Standard, Fox News, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Center for Equal Opportunity, The American Conservative Union, The Institute of United States Studies at The University of London, The Washington Times, The Vatican, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and various offices in state and national government.

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