Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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April 1995

Social Views and the Policies of the American Underclass by Berdina G. Cox
Of Affirmative Action, Judicial Activism, and Constitutionalism by Craig Haller
Thomas Hobbes and the Seeds of Liberalism by Jeff Kahl
A Look Into the Constitutional Understanding of Slavery by Susan L. Boyd

April 1994

Defining Liberty and Authority by Jennifer Grubaugh
From Darkness to Dawn: Renewing the Vision and Covenant of the American People by Deanna M. Keeney
A Document to Be Remembered for All Times by Susan L. Boyd
Crime and Ambition: Richard Nixon and Watergate by Jason Waggoner
Why Term Limits Should be Opposed by Roger Beckett

December 1992

Harry S. Truman: The by Michael A. Kosdrosky

October 1991

The Iron Lady and the Iron Curtain by David Petina
Tribes, Tribulations, and Self-Evident Truths by Julie Ann Kessler
Interpretations by Nazalee Topalian

January 1991

The Academy? by David Petina
A New Technology Hovers Over the U.S. by Richard Westfall
The Fury and the Angel: A Portrait in Guilt and Forgiveness by Gregory Dunn
Paradise Lost by Robert E. Hughes
Our Liberty and Our Children: Under Siege by Julie Ann Kessler
Unified Germany: Friend or Foe? by David Petina

March 1990

A Plea for Sovereign Desecration by Robert E. Hughes
A Just Cause? by Julianne Babel
A Springtime Tour of the Global Village by Gregory Dunn
Educating College Athletes by David Petina
An Awakening by A Student
The Lost Children: How Higher Education Has Misled America’s Youth by Gregory Dunn
Could the Truth Be Self-Evident? by Julie Ann Kessler