Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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April 1995

Of Affirmative Action, Judicial Activism, and Constitutionalism by Craig Haller
Thomas Hobbes and the Seeds of Liberalism by Jeff Kahl
A Look Into the Constitutional Understanding of Slavery by Susan L. Boyd

April 1994

Defining Liberty and Authority by Jennifer Grubaugh
From Darkness to Dawn: Renewing the Vision and Covenant of the American People by Deanna M. Keeney
A Document to Be Remembered for All Times by Susan L. Boyd
Crime and Ambition: Richard Nixon and Watergate by Jason Waggoner
Why Term Limits Should be Opposed by Roger Beckett

December 1992

Harry S. Truman: The by Michael A. Kosdrosky

October 1991

The Iron Lady and the Iron Curtain by David Petina
Tribes, Tribulations, and Self-Evident Truths by Julie Ann Kessler
Interpretations by Nazalee Topalian

January 1991

The Academy? by David Petina
A New Technology Hovers Over the U.S. by Richard Westfall
The Fury and the Angel: A Portrait in Guilt and Forgiveness by Gregory Dunn
Paradise Lost by Robert E. Hughes
Our Liberty and Our Children: Under Siege by Julie Ann Kessler
Unified Germany: Friend or Foe? by David Petina

March 1990

A Plea for Sovereign Desecration by Robert E. Hughes
A Just Cause? by Julianne Babel
A Springtime Tour of the Global Village by Gregory Dunn
Educating College Athletes by David Petina
An Awakening by A Student
The Lost Children: How Higher Education Has Misled America’s Youth by Gregory Dunn
Could the Truth Be Self-Evident? by Julie Ann Kessler

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