Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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March 2003

Narnia Revisited by Cassandra Kish
Reactions:9/11/2001 by Cassandra Kish
An UnMachiavellian Essay by Laura Fortney
The Napkin by Laura Fortney
Save the Fish? by Rebecca Fowler

July 2001

An Abstract Truth by Kevin Portteus
Imposing Morality: The Fallacy of Pro-Abortion Rhetoric by Michael Donatini
The “New and Improved” Library by Jennifer Beck
How to Play One’s Worst at an OMEA Honors Recital by Laura Hanna
The Beginning of a True Student by Rebecca Fowler
Madison’s Memorial by Joe Postell
Prozzäk: Who the Heck are They? by Dan Tierney
The Internet: An Economic Triumph, An Academic Threat by Jennifer Beck
The Great Directors: Steven Spielberg by Eric Molnar
Ashland University: The Small Republic by Michael Donatini
So It’s Come to This by Kevin Portteus

July 1998

Historical and Modern Perspectives of Racial Equality by Jennifer Zahn
America’s Abandonment of the Founding: The Absence of Natural Law by Anna Beth Rankin
Japan and Brazil: A Case Study in Global Interdependence by Brooke Ellis
The British Monarchy: The Value and the Controversy by Erica Cook

December 1997

What to do with the IRS? by Kevin Portteus
A Communication between Two Great Philosophers in History by Anna Beth Rankin
The Scientific Tragedy of the Atomic Bomb by Erica Cook
No Hyphens Necessary: Things We Take for Granted by John Abramson
The Ultimate Political Animal by Mindy McLaughlin
German Democracy: Fair-Weather Friend or Blood-brother? by Brooke Ellis
President Lincoln like Elvis? by Erica L. Carson
State of Ohio, Department of Administrative Services, v. Ritchey Produce Company, Inc. by Brian D. Wright and Casey G. Wright

July 1997

The True Extent of the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Influence by Erica Cook
A Communist by any Other Name by William Muldoon
A Leader Emerges in the Affirmative Action Debate by Josh Kirk
The Truth Does Exist by Jamey Turoff