Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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August 2005

Two Fall Classics by Clint Leibolt
Unintended Inspiration by Jason Dutton
Burrito Brothers by Heather Imboden
The Coloring Major by Danae Leali

July 2004

Confessions of a True Hero Worshipper by Alan Huntington
An Impotent Diety by Adam Carrington
An Exercise in Blame Passing by Beth Gostlin
Tech Age Daycare by Luke Loboda
Into the Red Sea by Lisa Otten
Misplacing God by Danae Leali
Colloquium to Crumbs by Rebeccah Ramey
Lessons on Life from Inside the Classroom by Beth Gostlin
Si Placet Tibi, Discamus by Lisa Otten
You Can’t Sink: On Friendship by Lisa Otten
The Wanderer Comes Home by Adam Carrington
For Pity by Lisa Otten

July 2003

Bridget Jones’s Diary and the State of Modern Romance by Alyssa Guthrie
At Midnight With a Book by Alan Huntington
Living Best in the Pursuit of Truth by Fred Bills
Diversity Training by Alyssa Guthrie
Irresistible by Emily Newton
On Immortality by Lisa Otten
Socrates in the Classroom and at Denny’s by Cassandra Kish
Skinny Kids, Frogs, a Dinosaur and Dating by Brinton Brafford
Dukakis’s Eyebrows by Nick Hoffman
A Twentieth Century Funeral Oration by Alyssa Guthrie
“What We Obtain Too Cheap, We Esteem Too Lightly…” by Brinton Brafford

March 2003

To My Father by Alyssa Guthrie
Trickle-Down Economics by Michael Donatini
Children First by Rebecca Fowler
“Now That I Have Grown” by Lori Karam
Mr. Akaka by Dan Tierney