Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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August 2009

Rocks by Allison Shuman
Love Taken for Granted by Michelle Daymon
I’ve Heard it in the Chillest Land by Tim Haglund
Going Home? by Jeremy Eikenberry
Schenk the Tank by Max Hiltner
Humble and Gentle in Victory by Allison Shuman
The American Minority by Kristin Striker
Does America Still Have a Moral Compass? by Jeremy Horton
The Reality of Cinema by Maggie McLinden

August 2008

All Love and No Heart by Maggie McLinden
How Easily We Forget by Caitlin Poling
Drive the Zamboni by Michelle Daymon
On Eagle’s Wings by Sarah Muse
Mrs. Darcy, Formerly by Maggie McLinden
The Tragic Blessing of Doc by Molly Fratianne
At a Glance by Paul Kunnas
The Reason for Hope by Maggie McLinden
They Said “Yes!” by Paul Kunnas
Tough Decision by Joe D’Andrea
The Bottle by Stacey Sadowski
A Glimpse of the Everyday Extraordinary by Kristin Striker

August 2007

Dad by Jason Stevens
Summer, Old Trail by Stacey Sadowski
Tumbleweeds by Clint Leibolt
A Glorified Piece of Paper by Samuel Ball
Family Heirlooms by Melissa Miser
ICU by Jason Stevens
The Prudence of Solomon by Clint Leibolt
Picking at My Sister’s Bones by Danae Leali
The Power of College by Angie Cook
Looking Failure in the Face by James Kresge
Forever My Shadow, Forever My Friend by Valentina Wysocki