Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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August 2014

The Frustrating and the Ignorant by A.J. Thomas

August 2013

The Old Souls by Lindsey Grudnicki
George Bailey and the Moral Universe by Joseph Griffith
TL; DR by Jake Ewing
May I Take Your Hat? by Lindsey Grudnicki
In These Words by Lindsey Grudnicki
An Inconsistent Ideology by Erin Sutter
I Could’ve Been Better by Jake Ewing
My New Political Understanding by Alex Jones
Beauty is for Everyone by September Long
Is Democracy the Cause of Obesity? by Erin Sutter

August 2012

In Defense of the Kindle Culture by James Velasquez
Proud Member of the Party of No by Alex Jones
Not Impressed by Joseph Griffith
American Improvisation by James Velasquez
A Portrait of a Study by Lindsey Grudnicki
Disappointment in the Face of Beauty by Jake Ewing
The First Lady by Rebekah Sherman
An Education by Lindsey Grudnicki
A Collapsing Community by Benjamin Kafferlin
A Soldier’s Glory by Gary Haglund
A Lesson in Law by Mariah Dunsing
Ron Paul and the Conservative Movement by James Velasquez
Free Speech at My Brother’s Funeral by Jake Ewing
Heritage of Ideas Not Blood by Erin Sutter
Accidentally in Love by James Velasquez
Charity and Caritas by Jake Ewing
Occupying Minds by Mariah Dunsing
Is a Life Without Memory Worth Living? by Marc Zimmerman

August 2011

Where Are All The Cary Grants? by Lindsey Grudnicki
The Simple Art Of Statesmanship by James Velasquez
Thoughtful Affection by Rebekah Sherman