Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


Res Publica

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August 2016

Born to Run: The American Dream by Hayden Eighinger
The Sun Also Sets by Hayden Eighinger
That’s The Way of The World by Joey Barretta
Speak American by Sophia Leddy
Love or Legacy? by Aaron McKinney
Religious Politicians Are Less Bad by Jackson Yenor
Guardians of the American Idea by Ivan Larson
Do We Really Want to Be the Generation That Ends Smoking? by Jackson Yenor
The Virtue of the Small Business Owner by James Coyne
The Golden Idol of Hollywood by Tyler MacQueen

August 2015

The Beauty of Law by John Case
iBorg by Ivan Larson
Bigger Than Basketball by Samuel Postell
Pickin’ Rocks by Tommy Pochedly
The Virtue of Anger by Tommy Pochedly
Governed By Reason by James Coyne
Strength in Solitude by September Long
Time by Brent Rossman
Freedom to Prosper by Jacklyn Horn
A Synthetic Life by September Long

August 2014

That Makes All the Difference by Joseph Griffith
Enlightened Through Traveling by September Long
The Moral Crisis of the American Crusader by Brandon Zaffini
Thought: Last Year’s Model by Tommy Pochedly
The Accident by Joseph Griffith
Rest Your Bones by Jaclyn Horn
The Right to Mediocrity by John Case
Exit Stage Left by September Long
The Deficit of Prudence by Tommy Pochedly
Expectations of the Unknown by John Case
New Year, New Me by John Osborne
The Good War by Tommy Pochedly