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The Art of Political Warfare:

by John J. Pitney, Jr.

Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd)

256, January

Hardcover, 24.95

ISBN: 0806132639

The Art Of Political Warfare highlights the striking similarities between politics and war. Applying military thought to domestic politics, John J. Pitney, Jr. persuasively argues that the language of war teaches us about political activity. Combining lively storytelling with solid scholarship, he ranges across history to produce a unique field manual for politics.

Pitney discusses how military principles can explain victory or defeat in politics, whether for an election campaign or a legislative blitz. Each chapter takes a single concept from the military–strategy, leadership, training, intelligence, deception, logistics, friction, and family–and applies it to political concerns ranging from campaign warchests to legislative tactics.

This original book will appeal to campaign operatives, armchair political strategists, and students of political science. In this presidential election year, The Art Of Political Warfare is necessary reading for people fighting in the political trenches or for those who simply want an engrossing view of the battlefield.

Table of Contents


1.) Introduction

2.) Strategy

3.) Leadership

4.) Coordination

5.) Rallying the Troops

6.) Demoralization, Deception, and Stealth

7.) Intelligence

8.) Geography and Logistics

9.) Friction and Finality

10.) Scholars and Metaphors



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