Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

Programs for Citizens

Compromise and the Constitution: The Political Thought of Henry Clay

by Kimberly C. Shankman

Lexington Books

128, January

Hardcover, 45.00

ISBN: 073910036X

This is one of the best books on the political thought of Henry Clay.
Shankman argues that Clay’s career as a whole demonstrates a consistent
commitment to an ideal of republican statecraft, resting on a foundation
of limited executive power, a strong and highly developed economy, and
political partries organized in support of limited yet clear policy
programs, and driven by legislative leadership dedicated to forging
consensus through compromise. Shankman argues that while Clay’s
approach is clearly consistent with the Federalist conception of
ordinary constitutional statesmanship, Clay’s inability to deal
adequately with the problem of slavery reveals that it was insufficient
for coming to grips with the extraordinary challenges that can beset a

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
Henry Clay and the Study of Politics
Executive Power
“The American System”
Political Parties

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