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Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies can Defeat Terrorist Networks—2001 Edition

by Benjamin Netanyahu

Noonday Press

152, March

Paperback, 9.60

ISBN: 0374524971

The growth of terrorism has been accompanied by a steady escalation in the means of violence, from small arms used to assassinate individuals, to automatic weapons used to mow down groups, to car bombs now capable of bringing down entire buildings, to lethal chemicals that (as in Japan) can threaten entire cities. The very real possibility that terrorist states and organizations may soon acquire horrific weapons of destruction and use them to escalate terrorism beyond our wildest nightmares has not been addressed properly by Western governments.

It must be recognized that barring firm and resolute action by the United States and the West, terrorism in the 1990s will expand dramatically both domestically and internationally. Today’s tragedies can either be the harbingers of much greater calamities yet to come or the turning point in which free societies once again mobilize their resources, their ingenuity, and their will to wipe out this evil from our midst. Fighting terrorism is not a “policy option”; it is a necessity for the survival of our democratic society and our freedoms. Showing how this battle can be won is the purpose of this book.

The Prime Minister of Israel and a noted authority on international terrorists, Benjamin Netanyahu offers a compelling approach to understanding terrorism. Much more dangerous than domestic terrorists is the spread of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. Netanyahu explores how democracies can defend themselves against this new threat.

    Foreword to the 2001 Edition


  1. The Plague of Domestic Terrorism
  2. The Question of Civil Liberties
  3. The 1980’s: Successes Against International Terrorism
  4. The 1990’s: The Rise of Militant Islam in America and the World
  5. The Gaza Syndrome
  6. The Specter of Nuclear Terrorism
  7. What Is to Be Done
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