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Feeling Your Pain: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years

by James Bovard

St Martins Press

426, September

Hardcover, 27.95

ISBN: 0312230826

The Clinton-Gore years have been a rollercoaster ride for the United States. The media has focused narrowly on Monicagate and a handful of other scandals, but what was really important about the most recent presidential era?

In his new book, James Bovard looks at the real issue: Clinton and Gore’s reliance on the Iron Fist of Big Government to achieve their goals. From the IRS running rampant, to the concoction of new prerogatives to confiscate private property, to one gun ban scam after another, to the attack and cover-up at Waco, the Clinton administration stretched government power on all fronts. From AmeriCorps food stamp recruiting drives, to FEMA’s bombardment of people with unrequested benefit checks, to HUD’s program to gold-plate public housing, the Clinton administration constantly acted like it had an unlimited right to squander tax dollars to buy votes.

Bovard shows how the Clinton-Gore years are less about Lewinsky and more about “lost rights.” Clinton and Gore never tire of telling Americans “We feel your pain.” In fact, Clinton may fundamentally have changed American politics—emotionalizing practically every issue and encouraging people to grovel for government handouts or relief at every opportunity. In the style that made his Lost Rights a classic, Bovard delivers volley after volley of damning details of what the Clinton-Gore years were really about. With “feeling your pain“, James Bovard gives Mr. Clinton the legacy he richly deserves.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: AmeriCorps: Salvation through Handholding

Chapter Three: Plundering and Blundering: The IRS

Chapter Four: Affirmative Action, Now and Forever

Chapter Five: FEMA: Clinton’s Greatest Snow Job?

Chapter Six: The Continuing Failure of the War on Drugs

Chapter Seven: Searching Everywhere

Chapter Eight: Forfeiture Follies

Chapter Nine: Blockading Harbors for Free Trade

Chapter Ten: HUD: The Eternal Boondoggle

Chapter Eleven: Freedom to Farm Washington

Chapter Twelve: Disabilities Dementia

Chapter Thirteen: The Green Iron Fist

Chapter Fourteen: Clinton’s War on the Second Amendment

Chapter Fifteen: Waco

Chapter Sixteen: The Ruby Ridge Cover-up

Chapter Seventeen: The Reno-Freeh Whitewash Team

Chapter Eighteen: Kosovo: Moralizing with Cluster Bombs

Chapter Nineteen: Conclusion: Clinton’s Legacy versus American Liberty

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