Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

Programs for Citizens

A History of the American People:

by Paul Johnson

Harper Collins

1088, January

Hardcover, 35.00

ISBN: 0060168366

Review by Peter W. Schramm:
Why is it that it takes a foreigner to write a good book about America? Paul Johnson, an Englishman (and author of Modern Times, Intellectuals, among others) has done our nation a service. This is the best one volume narrative and interpretative history of the United States of America. Although there are things, even fundamental things (is the Declaration of Independence only a "powerful and wonderful concise summary of the best Whig thought over several generations?"), in the volume that are imperfect, this volume is a must read. And it is a good read; a well crafted story of our history, which Johnson calls "the greatest of all human adventures." This book is written by a man who loves the American experiment in self-government and thinks it "is still the first, best hope for the human race." Furthermore, he is an optimist. He d
oesn’t think that we will "disappoint an expectant humanity."

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