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Abraham Lincoln: A Constitutional Biography

by George Anastaplo

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

373, January

Hardcover, 35.00

ISBN: 0-8476-9431-3

Renowned scholar George Anastaplo describes in vivid detail a side of Abraham Lincoln that previous biographers have overlooked: the development, impact, and legacy of his legal and constitutional thought.
With eloquent insights into Lincoln’s intellect and the issues dividing the country he led, Anastaplo describes how the sixteenth president successfully managed the impossible task of keeping the world’s greatest democracy united.
Anastaplo also demonstrates Lincoln’s continuing and profound influence on modern American society, law, and politics and shows readers the lessons this fascinating man can still teach Americans about coping with diverse times.
This book is a major landmark in the study of Abraham Lincoln.

Table of Contents
1. The Declaration of Independence
2. The Declaration of Independence
3. The Northwest Ordinance
4. Slavery and the Federal Convention of 1787
5. The common Law and the Organization of Government
6. Alexis de Tocquiville on Democracy in America
7. John C. Calhoun and Slavery
8. Southern Illinois’s Abraham Lincoln
9. The Poetry of Abraham Lincoln
10. The “House Divided” Speech
11. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
12. The First Inaugural Address
13. The Fourth of July Message to Congress
14. The Emancipation Proclamation
15. The Gettysburg Address
16. The Second Inaugural Address
17. Abraham Lincoln’s Legacies

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