Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government


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Have we forgotten what it means to be American?

Many don’t know that ours is a great nation built on lasting principles.  Why?  They don’t know because we aren’t teaching these principles to students in high school classrooms or to undergraduate students on college campuses.

We cannot forget who we are!  We are Americans and this is a great nation. We are a not a country based on blood. We are a country based on ideas and principles.  We are constitutional people—proving to the world that ordinary human beings can govern themselves.  We have proven time and again throughout our history that we are willing to fight and to die to make men free.

Are we willing to fight for the American experiment in self-government to endure?  If this great experiment in liberty is to continue to exist, we must pass on these principles to the next generation.

At Ashbrook, we are teaching the principles of free government and promoting the civic virtue necessary to maintain it.   Every year we are reaching hundreds of thousands of middle and high school students in classrooms across nation by teaching their teachers.  And we are educating principled leaders for America’s future.

The time has come to expand our efforts and more forward with greater urgency.  It is time to fight harder to protect our freedom, so we might justly hand it on children.

May we count on you to help us reach 1 million students a year?

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