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Ashbrook: Where Teachers Become Experts

Teachers from across the country, 39 different states, are on our campus and online this summer taking intensive content-based courses on topics including the American Founding, Ratification of the US Constitution, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and America during the Cold … Continue reading »

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Mackubin Owens: The Great Battle of Gettysburg

Robert E. Lee’s smashing victory against Major General Joseph Hooker’s Army of the Potomac at Chancellorsville in May 1863 provided the Confederacy with three strategic options: shift resources from Virginia to Mississippi in order to revive Vicksburg, the Rebel redoubt … Continue reading »

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Could D-Day Have Happened Earlier?

BY JOHN MOSER On June 6, we will observe the 69th anniversary of the D-Day landings—the Allied invasion of Normandy, which marked the start of the liberation of Western Europe from German occupation.  The basic facts of that operation, the … Continue reading »

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My First Day as Ashbrook’s Executive Director

Dear Friends of the Ashbrook Center, Today is my first day as Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center. The first thing I’d like to do is thank my predecessor, Peter Schramm, for the 25 years he has dedicated to the … Continue reading »

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Roger Beckett Named Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center

Roger L. Beckett has been named Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University, effective June 1. Beckett, who is a 1996 graduate of Ashland University and the Ashbrook Scholar program, has held several positions at the Ashbrook Center. … Continue reading »

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Krauthammer Speaks at Ashbrook Memorial Dinner

“We are, have been, and will remain a center-right country,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer told the crowd of nearly 600 gathered for the 28th Annual John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner in Ashland on May 3. Republicans and conservatives will … Continue reading »

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An Assembly of Demigods

BY MICHAEL SCHWARZ Observing events in the summer of 1787 from his diplomatic post at Paris, Thomas Jefferson referred to the sitting Constitutional Convention in America as “an assembly of demigods” likely to reach “good and wise” decisions.  By contrast, … Continue reading »

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A Lively Conversation on America

It’s late morning on the eighth-floor of the library, and the elevator door slides open to the Ashbrook Center, spilling out an impossibly numerous and boisterous group of students. These are freshmen Ashbrook Scholars who’ve trooped over together from Mishler … Continue reading »

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Freedom and Terrorism

BY DAVID TUCKER The sudden violence of terrorism shattering the peacefulness of an ordinary day or a joyous occasion compels our attention.  We are riveted by the devastation, uplifted by the courage shown in response, amazed by the play of … Continue reading »

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Margaret Thatcher, RIP

BY STEVEN F. HAYWARD Winston Churchill is said to have once turned down a commission for a magazine article on the topic “Can There Ever Be a Woman Prime Minister?” supposedly because the offered fee was too low, but this … Continue reading »

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