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Donors Help Expand the Reach of Ashbrook Teacher Programs

Twenty years ago, Dr. and Mrs. J.T. Guy were excited to discover, in the heart of Ohio, a modestly run research and educational institution that engaged questions of national importance. “We heard that the Ashbrook Center was inviting Margaret Thatcher to … Continue reading »

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Steyn Spoofs Big Government to Large Crowd in Mansfield

When Mark Steyn spoke at the invitation of the Ashbrook Center in Mansfield, Ohio on October 10, drawing a crowd that filled the Renaissance Theater, he should have had little fodder for his usual comic satire of big government. It … Continue reading »

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Peter Schramm Wins Salvatori Prize

Peter W. Schramm, Senior Fellow at the Ashbrook Center and Director of the Ashbrook Scholar Program, was recently awarded the Claremont Institute’s Henry Salvatori Prize in the American Founding.  Schramm joined previous prominent recipients of the prize, including George F. … Continue reading »

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Guelzo Helps Scholars Ponder the Meaning of the Civil War

Lincoln fascinates students of American history. He supervised a war that lives on in American memory as uniquely costly and painful—yet somehow particularly meaningful. Lincoln accomplished what no statesman before him was able to do: he brought to an end … Continue reading »

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Alumni Bloggers Redefine Progress

A group of Ashbrook Scholar alums have founded a new political blog called Right Progress. The founders of the website—2012 graduates James Velasquez, Dantan Wernecke, and Benjamin Kafferlin—see the blog filling a void in our current political debate, one felt … Continue reading »

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Victoria Hughes Named Director of Development of the Ashbrook Center

Victoria Hughes has been named Director of Development of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University. Hughes brings with her 27 years of fundraising experience as well as a deep commitment to our American Founding Principles. In 1999 Hughes established the … Continue reading »

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What’s the Return on an Ashbrook Education?

When the Ashbrook Center asked University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds to speak last month about the inflated cost of American higher education, it invited some healthy scrutiny of its own programs. Rapidly rising costs combined with persistent high demand for … Continue reading »

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Ashbrook Alum Named to Elite List of Rising Foreign Policy Stars

Ashbrook Scholar alumna Caitlin Poling ’08 has just been named one of the “Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders” by Diplomatic Courier, a Washington-based global affairs magazine. Poling, who works at Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a non-profit research organization also in … Continue reading »

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Op-Ed: Exceptional Nation Threatens Strongmen Such As Putin

This Op-Ed originally appeared in the September 16, 2013 edition of the Columbus Dispatch. BY PETER W. SCHRAMM When addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s New York Times op-ed last week, too many commentators have focused on his contempt for President Barack Obama and … Continue reading »

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Celebrate Constitution Day with Ashbrook

September 17 marks the 226th anniversary of our nation’s founding document. On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention met for the last time. After four months of meetings, delegates would now sign the document they had created and send … Continue reading »

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