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Ashbrook Colloquium

The Ashbrook Center cordially invites the public to participate in the Ashbrook Colloquium, the purpose of which is to dedicate particular Friday afternoons to informal discussions of an academic nature. We schedule an impressive list of academic scholars to lead these discussions by introducing recently published projects on which they have been working and opening the program up to questions and comments.

Our intention is to provide a forum for the discussion of a wide series of topics. We have three such meetings each semester, always on Friday afternoons at 3 p.m. in the Ashbrook Center on the eighth floor of the University library. Although we expect each discussion to formally last about an hour and a half, attendees may come and go as they wish. We introduce the guest, let him take no more than twenty minutes to characterize the subject, and then open the topic to discussion.

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Past Speakers

David Lowenthal

No Liberty for License: The Forgotten Logic of the First Amendment
April 23, 1999

G. William Benz

Post-Cold War Russia
March 26, 1999

Jerry Pournelle

The Mote in God’s Eye
March 19, 1999

C. Bradley Thompson

John Adams and the Spirit of Liberty
March 4, 1999

John Alvis

Woodrow Wilson
November 6, 1998

Kirk Emmert

Winston S. Churchill on Empire
October 23, 1998

Robert Sobel

Coolidge: American Enigma
September 11, 1998

John G. West, Jr.

The Politics of Revelation and Reason: Religion and Civic Life in the New Nation
March 20, 1998

Lucas Morel

Lord Charnwood’s Biography of Abraham Lincoln
March 6, 1998

James W. Ceaser

Reconstructing America: The Symbol of America in Modern Thought
January 16, 1998

Thomas G. West

Vindicating the Founders: Race, Sex, Class and Justice in the Origins of America
December 5, 1997

Steven Hayward

Churchill on Leadership: Executive Success in the Face of Adversity
November 21, 1997

Matthew Spalding

A Sacred Union of Citizens: George Washington’s Farewell Address and the American Character
October 24, 1997

Mike Curtin

Ohio in National Politics
November 15, 1996

Robert DeSanto

Who Pays When Criminals Don’t?
October 25, 1996

Wang Shouyi

The Link Between Chinese and American Poetry: Reflections on Ezra Pound
September 20, 1996

Gilbert D. Meilaender, Jr.

Two Images of the Christian Life
March 22, 1996

Stephen Haven

Poems of American History and Religion
March 1, 1996

Russell Weaver

Education and the Problem of Knowledge
November 17, 1995

R.F. Hassing

The Philosophic Challenge Posed by the Natural Sciences to Human Self-Knowledge
October 20, 1995
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