Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

Since 1989, the Ashbrook Center has offered teachers the opportunity to study with some of the best history and government viagra tabs scholars in the country. Bringing together teachers and scholars from across America, the Ashbrook Center has become, in effect, a national university with unrivaled capacity for deepening teachers’ understanding and appreciation of America.

At least 100 teachers in the darkest blue states and at least 10 teachers in the lightest blue states have participated in one of the Ashbrook Center’s teacher programs.

Through the Ashbrook Center’s programs, secondary school teachers have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen their understanding of America’s founding principles and become better equipped to teach their students about America,
  • Earn a Master’s degree through the Master of Arts in American History and Government (MAHG) program, the only program of its kind in the nation,
  • Become experts in teaching from original historical documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and
  • Study with the finest historians and political scientists from colleges and universities around the country.

Comments from Teacher Evaluations

“MAHG is the perfect combination of essential U.S. history topics, and it fits into a schedule that meets my needs. I get to focus on learning in the summer, then take time to implement what I’ve learned in my classroom.”

“The emphasis on primary source documents transformed my teaching practices. I no longer even have textbooks!”

“I love the schedule of the summer Master’s program. It gives me a full week with nothing else to worry about but immersing myself in the content of the class. This format goes a really long way in creating the right overall atmosphere. The fascinating dinner table discussions with the professors made me fall in love with the program.”

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