Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

The success of this three-year major gifts fund-raising campaign will allow the Ashbrook Center to build greater capacity to improve middle and high school social studies education by expanding Ashbrook’s existing programs as well as creating new programs on-line and at other locations across America. In doing so, we can return the focus of teacher training back to the mastery of the subject area and expand their capacity to instill our nation’s  youth with the knowledge to strengthen our county’s ability to sustain our constitutional self-government.


The Ashbrook Center plans to significantly expand on-line offerings to the nation’s secondary teachers in multiple ways:

Develop on-line courses to expand the reach of the MAHG program

High quality, interactive on-line seminars will not only accommodate teachers studying in the graduate program who reside some distance away but also provide them with classroom resources and professional development seminars for renewing their teaching licenses.

Expand the on-line teaching resources offered on

The continued development of the most comprehensive web site on the American founding will provide teachers with the classroom tools they need to better teach their students about the importance of America’s founding.

Create a series of on-line continuing education webinars available to teachers across the United States

The Ashbrook Center will create options for non-degree tracked teachers from across the nation to improve their capacity to teach the enduring principles of our American founding
to the next generation.

On the Road

The Master of Arts in American History and Government program will begin to offer courses each summer in historic Philadelphia. Teachers will spend a summer studying on location in the city where our nation’s founding fathers debated, drafted, and adopted our founding principles. Bringing the courses to Philadelphia will also expand our reach to thousands more teachers who in turn can impact the learning of hundreds of thousands of high school students.

In the Classroom

Since the MAHG program is a residential program, it is more expensive than the other coursework typically available to teachers. We will offer fellowships to make the program more competitive with other non-residential alternatives for teachers. Lowering the cost of access will allow the MAHG program to impact even more teachers and students nationwide.

Expanding the Faculty

Ashbrook has been able to recruit the finest faculty to come to Ashland and teach in the MAHG program. As we expand the program into other geographic areas and through the increased use of on-line resources, we will need to attract additional full-time resident faculty members to Ashland from around the country to support these programs.

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