Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

This campaign will allow the Center to expand its work educating principled leaders for America’s future by strengthening the Ashbrook Scholar Program at Ashland University as  well as creating new programs to teach the principles of American self-government to students nationwide.

Establish an Internship Program in Washington, DC for Ashbrook Scholars

Nearly a third of Ashbrook Scholars are unable to intern in the summer due to financial concerns.

Internships are an essential part of a student’s education and life-changing experiences that foster the growth of leadership and real world life skills.

Approximately 30% of our students are unable to participate in a traditional summer internship program due to financial reasons because they cannot afford the loss of income from summer work that they depend on to pay annual tuition.

The Ashbrook Center will create a semester-long internship program in Washington, DC that will allow a great majority of Ashbrook Scholars to secure housing and an internship in Washington, DC.

The Center will also locate faculty in Washington so that students can continue to study and earn credit toward their graduation. This internship program will be an appealing feature in attracting higher-quality applicants from across the nation.

Increase the Quality of Students in the Ashbrook Scholar Program by Increasing the Annual Scholarship

Ashbrook Scholars are awarded a $2,000 annual scholarship based solely on merit. The scholarship amount has not increased since 1994 and currently accounts for only 7% of the annual tuition. To compete for the best students who are recruited nationally, the  Ashbrook Center will award scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 annually.

Create New On-Line Programs to Teach the Principles of American Self-Government to High School Students Nationwide

The Ashbrook Center will offer an on-going series of high quality, on-line seminars on the principles of constitutional self-government to high school classrooms across the country. The Ashbrook Center will leverage its vast network of teachers to implement the project, expanding the national reach and impact of the Ashbrook Center to create the educated citizenry that our nation’s founders envisioned.

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