Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

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The Ashbrook Center seeks to restore and strengthen the capacities of the American people for constitutional self-government.

Through undergraduate, graduate, and civic programs, the Ashbrook Center aspires to be the leading national educator in the enduring principles and practice of free government in the United States.

For Students:
The Ashbrook Center transforms the lives of students by inviting them into a true liberal education – an education for freedom. Ashbrook Scholars join one another as friends, studying the best that has been thought and done in the hope of understanding what is good and noble and just. From their Ashbrook education, our students learn why America is worthy of their study and love, and they become better equipped to take a leading role in their country’s civic life.

For Teachers:
The Ashbrook Center offers teachers the opportunity to study with some of the best history and government scholars in the country. Bringing together teachers and scholars from across America, the Ashbrook Center has become, in effect, a national university with unrivalled capacity for deepening teachers’ understanding and appreciation of America.

For the American People:
The Ashbrook Center offers programs and resources to help citizens understand important public policy questions in the light of the principles and practice of constitutional self-government.

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